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Medical Malpractice Lawyer Serving Knoxville & Eastern Tennessee

If you or a family member have been seriously harmed or a loved one has been killed by the mistake of a medical care provider in the Knoxville / East Tennessee / Johnson City / Kingsport / Bristol area, you should talk with a medical malpractice lawyer with a history of success.

The mistake of a medical care provider can be devastating to a family. The loss of past and future income, medical bills and the pain and suffering from the medical mistake are a few of the claims that may be brought to recover financial compensation. Although medical care providers are human and make mistakes, it is when bad choices are made that those medical care providers must be held accountable.

When you hold a medical care provider responsible for the bad choices they make, the safety of the community is protected. Accountability is the key to having hospitals and medical care providers think about the consequences of their decisions on the patients they are caring for. When hospitals and medical care providers realize that people in the community will hold them responsible for bad decisions, the quality of care for everyone in the community is made better.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Larry V. Roberts has been successfully representing people and families in the Knoxville / East Tennessee / Johnson City / Kingsport / Bristol area for almost 30 years, holding hospitals, medical care practice groups, physicians, dentists and surgeons responsible for bad choices to improve and maintain the standard of care that the people and families in the communities of East Tennessee deserve.

What is Medical Malpractice?

A physician, surgeon, dentist or other health care provider must provide treatment or care to their patients that complies with the standard of care expected in the community. If that care or treatment provided does not measure up to the standard of care expected, the healthcare provider is negligent. That negligence is medical malpractice.

How is the Acceptable Standard of Medical Care in the Community Determined?

People who serve on the jury in a medical malpractice trial, after listening to expert witness testimony during the trial, determine the standard of care they expect medical care providers to follow when caring for or treating patients in the community.

The people on the jury decide whether the care or treatment provided was acceptable. If it was not, those jurors will send a message through their verdict to the medical profession in the community that the care or treatment was not acceptable and must change.

How Long Do I Have to Bring a Claim for Medical Malpractice in Tennessee?

In Tennessee you are required to send each physician or healthcare provider that you believe was negligent a notice of a potential claim. That notice must satisfy certain statutory requirements and be sent within 1 year from the date of negligence. Notice of a potential claim extends the statute of limitations for 120 days. However, a lawsuit cannot be filed for at least 60 days after notice is sent.

If trying to determine how to make sure you bring a claim within the required time and comply with all the statutory requirements appears difficult, it is.

That is why you should contact a knowledgeable, experienced and successful Knoxville medical malpractice lawyer when you of a family are seriously harmed because of a bad choice made by a Tennessee physician or health care provider.

Is it Difficult to Receive Financial Compensation for a Medical Malpractice Claim?

The simple answer to this question is yes. A medical malpractice case requires expert witness testimony by a physician against another physician. We all know how difficult it is to have a physician testify against another physician. Unlike other states, Tennessee limits where you can find a medical malpractice expert witness to only Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri or Kentucky. In addition, each expert witness must have an active clinical practice during the year the medical malpractice occurred.

The Tennessee legislature passed laws that protect insurance companies, hospitals and medical care providers to make it difficult for you to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. That is why there are few attorneys in Tennessee that handle medical malpractice claims. When you or a family member are seriously harmed or lose a loved due to medical negligence, make sure the Knoxville medical malpractice lawyer you and your family chose is knowledgeable, experienced and has a successful track record.

Client Reviews
Larry, thanks! It was a delight to work with you and play a part in getting a resolution satisfactory to the Witt’s and you. You are among the most skillful attorneys with whom I have worked. Aggressive. Aware. Creative. Realistic. Good work! You have served the Witt’s most admirably. This is a fair settlement. All my best! Former Judge and Mediator, The Mccammon Group, LTD
Mr. Roberts and staff are very professional and courteous. My former attorney accomplished very little. Mr. Roberts accomplished, in one year, what my former attorney didn’t in three. I highly recommend the Larry V. Roberts firm. Mark
I could honestly not say enough about this man. He has helped me and my husband so much. We absolutely had not one answer to the questions we had but when we came to Larry he dove in head first and got our answers. This man would go to the ends of the earth for his clients. I have never seen anybody work so hard for someone. Most lawyers today only want money, well Larry wants to help you get everything that you deserve. If you hire him I promise you he will not let you down. You have my word on that. I thank God in heaven for sending us Larry to get our answers. Melinda
Larry is a very educated attorney. He is always looking for the best way to represent his clients, to achieve the best outcome. Our Case was very stressful and messy but Larry pulled it all together and get a favorable outcome. Terry
Larry is very professional and would recommend to anyone needing a lawyer. Larry has a special place in our hearts. He went above and beyond what I expected of a lawyer. Thank you Larry for EVERYTHING you did for us. Cheryl